Students from QF will speak out about climate change at an International summit.

Doha: Sara Sultan Almaadeed, a Qatari student, believes that discussing the effects of climate change is more than necessary. “I can’t turn around and pretend I am saving the world by using my car fewer times than usual when fires rage on in different parts of the world,” she says.

“We have a unique capacity to transform the disaster that is our environment through our speech, through our informed perspectives, and through youth culture,” she stated, acknowledging that doing something immediately concrete about the climate problem is not fully in the hands of the youth.

Almaadeed will be joined by 400 other young people from around the world at Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition in Milan, Italy, from September 28 to October 2. Qatar Foundation and its entities will also be present. The event, which is being hosted by the Italian government as part of Pre-COP26, is being termed “historic” since it will be the first time that young people will make proposals and engage in conversations with government representatives in attendance.

The results of these conversations will be presented at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), which will be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, in November 2021, as well as at other UN forums on sustainable development.

QF will be represented at Youth4Climate through three initiatives: Doha Debates, which will host an edition of its #DearWorldLive series among other things; THIMUN Qatar, which is part of QF’s Pre-University Education (PUE) and will take part in two panels led by youth and educators on their roles in climate action; and Qatar Debate, which will engage in a presidential-style debate on the future. “As a youth, it is vital that we participate in events that aim to solve a plethora of issues regarding the climate, as we represent the future leaders who will inevitably inherit the fight for our planet, and gain responsibility for it,” said Noora Al Muftah.

“Events like Youth4Climate give youth a voice and restore our generations’ faith and part in climate action.” As Qatar moves from a hydrocarbon-dependent nation to one founded on long-term sustainability in every aspect, it is critical to passing the knowledge to the next generation. “The work we’ll be doing is promoting awareness in Qatar about the potential of renewable energy usage in Qatar,” said Khalid Al Nabti, a Grade 10 student at QAD, as well as a Youth4Climate panellist, and QAD MUN treasurer 2021-22.

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