Suicide bombing at Afghanistan mosque kills at least 80

At least 80 people died this friday for a suicide bombing against a shiite mosque in the north of Afghanistan, which also left a hundred wounded.

The attack was later adjudicated by the self-styled Islamic State, against which taliban They have launched a massive operation in the country, considering them their main threat.

The Afghan branch of IS launched a statement briefly on his internet propaganda channels, where he said the perpetrator was one of his “fighters”.

This Friday is one of the bloodiest attacks since the Taliban took control of Kabul, the Afghan capital, on August 15, after the 26 of that month in full airport, which left some 170 victims.

The attack occurred in the Sayed-Abad mosque, at the time of the collective prayer, according to the EFE agency.

People running outside the mosque, some injured and covered in blood, “the agency quoted a 25-year-old resident who witnessed the events and later entered the mosque” to help. “

Since the withdrawal of US troops from the country on August 31, actions against IS has intensified by the taliban, as they consider the jihadist group as the main threat against their government.


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