Sustainable practices are fast becoming the norm in Qatar’s hospitality sector

Sustainable practices are fast becoming the norm in Qatar’s hospitality sector

Doha: As part of the Qatar Green Building Council’s (QGBC) programme, 20 hotels are slated to receive Green Key certificates, boosting the sustainability efforts of Qatar’s hospitality sector.

“QGBC implemented Green Key certification programme in the hospitality sector in 2021 to create a culture of environment-friendly practices in hotels following sustainability goals of the country,” said Eng Meshal Al Shamari, QGBC Director.

Al Shammari recently stated on a Qatar TV broadcast that 12 hotels in Qatar had already acquired Green Key accreditation.  “The Green Key, an international initiative, required a number of conditions from hotels like applying energy-efficient electric system, lighting, regulating temperature, efficient air-conditioning system, waste management inside the hotels, proper ventilation and many more,” Al Shammari explained, adding that QGBC provided the necessary support and evaluation to assist hotels in obtaining the certification.

He says 4 and 5 star hotels are more likely to get accredited because they meet most of the requirements and want to get approved.

The Green Key accreditation programme, according to Al Shammari, is being launched in collaboration with partners such as Qatar Tourism. “The Qatar Tourism is playing key a role in promoting the concept the environment-friendly practice in hospitality sector encouraging hotels to apply for Green Key certification,” Al Shammari added.

He stated that in addition to green structures, users must also adopt eco-friendly activities to maintain sustainability. “To obtain Green Key certification, the hotels are also required to educate visitors about the importance of preserving the environment. The employees’ behaviour towards sustainability is also marked during evaluation for the certification,” Al Shammari explained.

The Green Key certification is the industry’s premier model for environmental responsibility and long-term operations in the tourism industry.

The Foundation for Environmental Education’s distinguished eco-label signifies a commitment by businesses to ensure that their facilities meet the stringent criteria established by the organisation. More than 2,500 hotels in 55 countries have received the Green Key Eco-Label.

Moreover, he stated that QGBS is also implementing an Eco-Schools Program, which has attracted a huge number of school participants.

“Eco-Schools Programme is a two-year commitment programme encouraging young people to engage with their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it,” Al Shammari explained.

Achieving certification and the status that comes with receiving a Green Flag, he added, gives young people a sense of accomplishment.

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