Switch blast: Well-known streaming app finally available on Nintendo console

Switch players had to wait around 4.5 years, but now it’s finally here: the official Twitch app for the Nintendo console. It can now be downloaded and installed via the Nintendo eShop and allows you to follow your favorite streams directly from the console. However, the app has one major limitation.

Twitch: Streaming app lands on the switch after 4 years

So far, anyone who wants to consume video content on the switch has only been able to use the YouTube app. Now a new comrade enters the ring, because from now on you can use the Nintendo eShop to join the Install the official Twitch app on the Switchto watch the live streams of thousands of streamers.

Also new: the OLED switch! But for whom is the switch to the improved model worthwhile? We’ll tell you in the video:

Which functions does the Twitch app support?

After you have logged into the app, you are basically the same range of functions available that you also know from other platforms. So you can immediately see which streamer you are following is currently broadcasting live, call up and watch the stream. You can also get the Overview pages of the respective streamer to heart and see all the information there.

Clips can also be viewed via the app. All functions are available to you both on the large screen in dock mode and mobile in handheld mode.

However, one function of the Twitch app on the Switch does not seem particularly well thought out: the use of the chat. To take part in the conversation during the stream, you have to scan a QR code that appears on the screen of the switch with your smartphone. This will take you to the “Companion Experience” program of the app, which allows you to use the chat on your smartphone. With the Switch, however, you cannot directly participate in the chat.

The introduction of the Twitch app for the Switch should please many Nintendo fans. But what most players are waiting for is likely a Netflix app for the handheld console be. This would be particularly worthwhile after the introduction of the OLED switch. So far, however, there seem to be no efforts whatsoever to make the streaming service available for Nintendo’s handheld console.

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