Switch to e-cars earlier? Our neighbors are planning what Germany, too, could flourish

If the traffic light coalition comes into being in Germany, this should also have an impact on the plans for e-cars. Stricter guidelines for the end of internal combustion engines are also required in one of our neighboring countries. They show what could happen to German drivers.

2027 could be over: Flanders wants to push the switch to electric cars

First of all, it is only about a rather small area and it is still only a proposal – but one that has it all: from 2027 onwards, the Belgian region of Flanders is supposed to no more new cars with combustion engines be allowed. This is what the responsible Mobility Minister Peeters demands (source: Het Laatste Nieuws / HLN).

New cars that fill up with petrol or diesel would be over in just over five years. But the drastic plan goes even further: Not even hybrids meet the requirements in Flanders. Only purely electrically powered cars, so-called BEVs for “battery electric vehicles”, will then be registered.

The reason is obvious, as e-cars are seen as the future of low-emission mobility. In Flanders, the year 2027 is seen as a decisive turning point. It is expected that the cost advantage of combustion engines will shrink to zero between 2025 and 2026. From the year In 2027, e-cars are to be manufactured and offered more cheaply can be used as an incinerator.

For the Mobility Minister, the end is then: “At this moment, the cost price is no longer an obstacle and you therefore do not hit people with such a measure,” she explains. Even You want used cars early on. Used vehicles partially or completely powered by petrol or diesel should only be registered until 2030.

There are numerous misconceptions about e-cars – we clarify over five common ones in the Video on:

Plans for a possible traffic light coalition for Germany are still open

The specifications have not yet been decided, but they shed light on what could also flourish for motorists in Germany. That at least one more with the Greens early withdrawal from the use of fossil fuels is welcome would be safe. The Green Youth recently demanded that the green position should be heard in a traffic light coalition at the federal level (source: TAZ).

It is far less clear how this could be reconciled with the FDP, for example. The first results from the coalition talks are expected on November 10th. In any case, many car manufacturers seem to be right about switching to the largest possible proportion of e-cars sooner rather than later.

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