Take-Two brands as durable as James Bond?

As Strauss Zelnick, the president of the US publisher Take-Two Interactive, indicated in a recent interview, he believes that various in-house brands can demonstrate a similar longevity as the “James Bond” franchise. Above all, “GTA” and “Red Dead Redemption” attested Zelnick this potential.

GTA & Red Dead Redemption: Take-Two's Brands As Long Lasting As James Bond?

In its annual report for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, the US publisher Take-Two Interactive announced updated sales figures for selected games and confirmed that both “GTA 5” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” reached new milestones.

While “GTA 5” has meanwhile been sold more than 155 million times worldwide, the sales figures for “Red Dead Redemption 2” amount to over 39 million units. In a recent interview, Strauss Zelnick, President of Take-Two Interactive, once again went into the success of the two brands and confirmed that they had the potential to develop a similar longevity to that of the “James Bond” franchise, for example.

Brands have to be designed to be interesting in the long term

“If it’s really great, it will go on. I don’t know if you saw it, I just saw the new Bond movie, that was great. And you want every franchise to be like James Bond. There are few entertainment franchises of any kind that fall into this category, but they do exist. And I think GTA is one of them, I think Red Dead is one of them, NBA is obviously one of them because the game [des Basketballs] will continue to exist, ”said Zelnick.

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Zelnick continues: “That also requires you to think about it and give the titles a break if it is necessary and thus continue to give the factor that rare wow feeling. I’ve always said that if you release non-sports titles annually, you run the risk of wearing out intellectual property, even if it’s good. You have to increase the demand for this title for it to be a special event. “

Source: Videogames Chronicle

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