Targeting Android phones: You have to delete these apps immediately

Fraudsters keep trying to infect Android smartphones and make a profit from them. This time attackers succeeded in bringing apps infected with Abstractemu malware into the stores. Some of the applications were downloaded more than 10,000 times. So you should check whether you have installed the apps and definitely delete them.

Android malware Abstractemu can completely take over smartphones

It happened again. Security researchers have come up with an Android malware called Abstractemu discovered that made it into the Google app store and simply thwarted the security mechanisms. Only when the discoverers informed Google about the vulnerability were the apps deleted immediately. Since some of the applications have reached high download numbers, you should see whether you have the following apps on your smartphone and delete them immediately:

Anti-ads Browser Data Saver Lite Launcher My Phone Night Light All Passwords Phone Plus

The trick was that the Android apps basically did what the developer promised. As a result, the users do not even notice it. In the background, however, the smartphone is rooted and the attacker receives this full access to the Android operating system. This allows changes to be made or other malware installed.

So delete the Android apps immediately, if you have used them, set that Smartphone back in the best caseto undo root access and then change all passwords. A few months ago, Huawei phones were targeted.

We show you how to protect yourself against malware in the Video:

Apps still available in the Amazon App Store and in the Samsung Galaxy Store

Google reacted immediately and uninstalled the infected Android apps, but according to BleepingComputer, the infected applications are still available from Amazon and Samsung in the app stores. So make sure that you Apps never installed.

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