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Tech Industry’s Most Wealthiest Couples


For the wives and girlfriends of football, basketball, and soccer players, the media created the term “WAGS.” In the city, a new phrase has emerged that covers the current generation of tech titans: TWAGS (tech wives and girlfriends). Face it, we now live in a society where geeks are cool and make some significant money, dating or marrying the most successful and clever partners. Let’s have a look at a few TWAGS that have either been a part of the elite tech club since the beginning or have just just joined.

Grimes – Elon Musk Partner


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Elon Musk is comparable to one of those quirky geniuses who have succeeded in a society where employing unconventional methods is not always feasible. Playboy, a multimillionaire with a current net worth of 69.4 billion dollars, has been dating Grimes since 2018. Grimes is an incredibly gifted composer and musician who frequently resembles Musk in his eccentric lifestyle. Intriguingly, the couple named their first child, who was due in 2020, X A-12.

Rebekah Neumann – Adam Neumann Partner

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The proprietors of all photos and videos have copyright protection.
WeWork shocked the world with its ground-breaking concept for a workplace, despite its precarious financial situation. Since 2008, CEO Adam Neuman and his devoted wife Rebekah Neuman have been a happy couple. WeWork was co-founded by Adam and Rebekah alongside Miguel McKelvey. Over the years, both have had successful careers, but they have also taken the time to expand their five-child family as a unit. Recently, Neuman’s actual value drastically decreased, falling to $450 million. But we do hope that everyone will be okay.

Raven Lyn Corneil – Former Jack Dorsey Partner


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Several years ago, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was smitten with supermodel Raven Lyn Corneil. The famous model Corneil, who was 23 years old, has achieved great success on his own. When this couple started dating, news organizations went completely crazy, especially when the Twitter billionaire, with a cap value of $6.8 billion, decided to buy a $4.5 million Hollywood property for his partner. Since their breakup, Storm has taken on the role of the Sports Illustrated model.

Lily Cole – Partner Of Kwame Ferreira


2017 Dave M. Benett

Lily Cole started her modeling career at the age of 13 and rose to stardom in the early 2000s, winning Model of the Year in 2004. The model, who has red hair and wide eyes, has been wed to businessman Kwamecorp since 2001. The couple has one child together, and Cole has since quit modeling to launch her own company, Impossible, while continuing to focus on her charitable efforts.

Lucinda Southworth – Larry Page Partner

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Larry Page, the creator of Google, is now among the world’s wealthiest people with a net worth of $68.3 billion. Page and Lucinda Southworth have been married since 2007, and the two of them have two kids. Before getting married in a huge Caribbean ceremony attended by 600 guests, the couple dated for around a year. Through their own foundation, the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, they now devote a significant amount of time working with philanthropic organizations.










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