Telekom gives prepaid customers data volume – this is how you get it

Telekom often and happily gives away data volume. This time the mobile operator has launched a very special campaign in which only Deutsche Telekom’s prepaid customers benefit. So you can easily get 1 GB of data volume.

Telekom is giving away 1 GB of data volume for prepaid customers

Anyone who has a prepaid card from Telekom can be happy. Namely, the company distributes until November 30, 2021 free data volume. You will receive this top-up gift when you use the instant or automatic top-up of credit. In concrete terms, Telekom describes the campaign as follows:

Until November 30, 2021 prepaid customers in tariffs with included data volume (except MagentaMobil Start 1st Gen., tariffs with preset DayFlat, Xtra tariffs and Family Card Start) receive 1 GB of data volume when their prepaid credit is topped up immediately or automatically ( Telekom charging gift) in addition. All other charging methods are excluded. The additional data volume is valid for 30 days and applies in Germany and in country group 1 including Switzerland. After consumption, the conditions of your tariff or your data option apply again. If there are several top-ups within the promotional period, the 1 GB data volume is only granted once. (Source: Telekom)

So if you wanted to top up credit on your prepaid card from Telekom anyway, you should do so in the period in which you get the 1 GB data volume for free. By the way, you get 5G data volume and not, as in the past, LTE data volume if your smartphone supports the new network. So you are even faster on the way.

As with all Telekom campaigns, the free data volume is first used before the data volume that is included in your prepaid tariff is touched.

in the Video We’ll tell you how to find out if your cell phone tariff is really good:

Telekom also has something for customers with a contract

In October, Telekom started again to distribute the 500 MB free data volume via the app. So just have a look in the MeinMagenta app to see if you might get another 500 MB in November.

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