Tesla does not want its response to the Autopilot investigation to appear

Tesla wants to keep its response to a federal investigation into an assistance system called Autopilot a secret. and in note Filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last week, regulators indicated that the company had requested CBI processing of the entire information request submitted.

If the company’s request is granted, the public is prevented from seeing the company’s response to a set of information requested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding its investigation into the automated guide and potential defects.

The agency wants to know why the company did not issue a summons to the autopilot after it became clear that the driver assistance system had trouble seeing parked emergency vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also asking the company for more information about the growing public beta testing of its incomplete fully autonomous driving program, the recently launched safety rating process for entering the program, and the nondisclosure agreements that Tesla has been getting participants to sign so far. the week.

The confidentiality request was made amid a period of intense scrutiny of the company and its willingness to publish incomplete software updates to its customers.

There have been at least a dozen accidents in which a Tesla autopilot has collided with parked emergency vehicles.

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Tesla makes a broad demand for secrecy

The company sent a software update to its cars to fix the issue with the driver assistance system in September. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to know why the company hasn’t gone through the formal recall process with this update.

That could lead to a long-running battle over whether over-the-air updates that could change the way cars work should be subject to the government’s stringent vehicle safety rules.

The company began rolling out a new software update over the weekend. But it stopped him after CEO Elon Musk tweeted that they saw some issues with it.

Some car owners have reported problems such as false forward collision warnings, missing steering option, traffic-aware cruise control issues, and sometimes problems with the autopilot.

News of Tesla’s request for secrecy also comes as dozens of the company’s fans posted disparaging comments about the new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration employee, a robotics expert. Missy Cummings, which they consider hostile to the company.

Cummings reportedly received death threats from some Tesla fans, causing her to delete her Twitter account.

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