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Tesla opens Supercharger for all e-cars – 10 locations are the beginning

The first step has been taken, Elon Musk and Tesla keep their word: ten locations of Tesla’s Supercharger network are now also opening for electric cars from other brands to recharge the batteries there. However, there is a catch for German e-car drivers.

Update from November 1st, 2021: Tesla opens its supercharger for electric models from other manufacturers. The e-car pioneer is keeping its word. Test way the opening begins at ten locations. Tesla has chosen the Netherlands for testing and to check demand. The superchargers in Sassenheim, Apeldoorn Oost, Meerkerk, Hengelo, Tilburg, Duiven, Breukelen, Naarden, Eemnes and Zwolle are no longer exclusive to Teslas (source: Electrive).

Now one or the other German e-car driver, especially near the border, could just drive over for a detour. But Tesla declines: The test is only open to Dutch e-car drivers.

For Tesla, opening up is part of the company’s mission to further spread electromobility. If you want to charge the Supercharger, you need the Tesla app, version 4.2.3 or higher. There are no fixed prices however, the current prices are displayed in the app before loading begins. However, some drivers already share their experiences:

What is certain is that Charge Tesla drivers for less. The surcharge for third-party brands is justified with additional effort. In addition, blocking fees will apply in future to drivers who occupy charging spaces for too long – regardless of the model.

It is not clear when German e-car drivers from other brands will also be able to test the Supercharger. However, Tesla had previously set the goal of releasing its own fast charging network in 2021. So it should not be long. A higher load at the charging stations should also help to expand the network even faster in the future. After all, they want to “welcome both Tesla and non-Tesla drivers to every Supercharger worldwide”.

Original article:

Elon Musk confirms charging on the Supercharger for e-cars other than Tesla

As usual with Elon Musk, the biggest news comes practically out of nowhere. So this time too, because the Tesla boss is now confirming a rumor that has been speculated about for some time. Accordingly, there are agreements with other car manufacturers to charge their e-cars at Tesla’s Supercharger stations. Musk confirmed this when asked by Marques Brownlee, a well-known YouTuber.

He was surprised that nobody apparently wanted to accept the offer of cooperation with Tesla to use the charging points of the electric car manufacturer. Musk then confirmed that some do just that. So far, however, the interest has been rather cautious, according to the Tesla boss. The superchargers would also be made available to other electric cars. Musk did not go into detail about which manufacturers or models it was and when the activation actually happened.

Fill up on electricity for free thanks to software errors

In Germany and Europe, filling up with the Tesla Supercharger is relatively easy, at least technically. Thanks to the CCS standard, many electric cars are already equipped with compatible connections. Here Tesla had already adapted to the European market. In the summer, many electric car drivers were able to fill up on Tesla’s superchargers for free for a short time – apparently because of a software error. A video team from Nextmove found that various electric car models from several brands worked together with Tesla’s charging infrastructure without any problems. Previously, rumors of this kind had been rejected by Tesla spokesmen.

Do you already know some of the errors?

Since then, however, the electric car pioneer has shown itself to be more open to cooperation. Musk did not mention concrete plans in an interview, but discussions will be held if someone is interested in a cooperation. During a visit to Germany during the construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Grünheide, Musk also made a detour to VW in Wolfsburg a few weeks ago and did a test drive there in the new ID.4.










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