Texas and Missouri sue the Biden administration for failing to continue Trump’s border wall

Trump diverted funds with an emergency order to build the border wall.

Trump diverted funds with an emergency order to build the border wall.

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States of Texas and Missouri have filed a lawsuit against the government of the president on Thursday Joe biden for your decision abandon the construction of Donald Trump’s wall at the border, asking a federal court to force the government to spend the money allocated for this purpose.

In the 37-page legal complaint, filed in the Southern District Court of Texas, the Texas prosecutor, Ken paxton, and that of Missouri, Eric S. Schmitt, They called for the government’s actions to end the financing of the wall to be declared illegal.

The lawsuit focuses on the Administration’s refusal to spend funds appropriated by Congress to build a wall along the southwestern border, and the decision of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to terminate the contracts to carry out said work.

The construction of the border wall has been suspended since January, when President Joe Biden signed an executive order putting construction on hold.

Republican prosecutors say the Biden administration’s decision to suspend the works violates the Constitution and federal laws.

They add that in 2018, DHS evaluated the effectiveness of physical barriers on the southwest border and proclaimed that “when it comes to stopping drugs and illegal aliens crossing our borders, the walls have proven extremely effective.”

At the time, DHS further noted that the construction of the wall in a certain sector led to a 90% decrease in border arrests.

During the past administration of the president Donald trump (2017-2021) more than 450 miles (720 kilometers) of wall were built along the border.

In a press release, Paxton said that “the Biden Administration’s outright refusal to use funds that have already been set aside by Congress … leaves states like Texas and Missouri paying the bill.”

The Republican stressed that This is the seventh lawsuit related to border security and immigration against President Biden and his executive agencies. “I will not rest until Texas is safe from the disaster it created and continues to create,” he said.

Texas and Missouri also sued the Biden Administration for end the “Remain in Mexico” (MPP) program and managed to get a federal judge to order the measure to be reinstated.

Last week the Democratic Administration announced that it will resume the implementation of MPP from November if the government of Mexico agrees, unleashing a strong wave of criticism among migrant advocates.

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