Texas clinics begin to resume the practice of abortions after suspension of law that prohibited them

Women march in favor of abortion.

Women march in favor of abortion.

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After a federal judge will order the suspension of the law more restrictive against the termination of pregnancy In the United States, some clinics in the state they resumed the practice of abortions, although the doctors took it without haste because there is no near end of the court battle.

As reported by The Associated Press, the order of the District Judge Robert Pitman wanted to give Texas clinics coverage so they could return to care for most patients for the first time since the beginning of September, when the law known as SB8, prohibiting the practice of abortions once it is detected cardiac activity in the fetus, usually at six weeks of gestation.

There is a possibility that a appeals court restore the aforementioned law in the next few days. Meanwhile, some state doctors they continue to refuse to perform abortions for fear of being charged despite the judge’s order.

This law leaves its application to the discretion of the citizens, who can claim $ 1,000 in damages if your lawsuit against suppliers of abortions that violate the restrictions.

Planned Parenthood, which had spoken out about waiting for the order to allow clinics to resume services, has not released any new details.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, tweeted a clear example of his position: “The sanctity of human life is, and always will be, my priority.”

Texas law had weathered a wave of challenges.

On Wednesday, Justice Robert Pitman blocked the application of the strict law that bans virtually any termination of pregnancy in the state. This, according to the EFE agency, is a way of accepting Joe Biden’s government petition that he had demanded the temporary suspension of the law.


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