The 5 impact firms that could occur in MLB after the stoppage

Although the MLB market is in limbo due to the strike, once operations resume many free agents will sign historic deals that will guide the fate of many organizations.

Next, we list the five impact signatures that could occur after the major league stoppage.

Carlos Correa could become MLB's highest paid shortstop with his next free agency contract

A deal between Carlos Correa and the New York Yankees would be one of the most hyped of all the Major Leagues. The team wants him as their shortstop for the 2022 season and the Puerto Rican, who has not directly expressed his desire to play with them, would also be delighted to belong to an organization with a history of mule championships. Correa and the Yankees could sign a record deal that would leave the entire baseball world in shock, both in size and dominance. It would be more than 300 million dollars.

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