The 5th edition of S’hail will conclude today

The Fifth Edition of the Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition, S’hail 2021 will conclude today. S’hail attracts the greatest falcons, falconry, and hunting-related products from guns to camping gear to automobiles. It was established in 2017 and this year drew more than 160 local and international firms from 18 nations.

S’hail’s leading position as the largest exhibition of its kind in Qatar and the globe was reaffirmed by the flurry of activity on all days of the event. Hunting and falconry have a long history in Qatar, the Middle East, and across the world. Their Excellences, Sheikhs and Ambassadors visited S’hail every day. They were joined by H E Dr M. Mustafa Göksu, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey; H E Cheick Ahmed Tidiany Diakite, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali and Ambassador Francois Guillaume, Ambassador of Haiti.

Malika Mohammad Al-Sharim, the director of Katara’s New Media Department and a board member of the S’hail Higher organising committee, expressed her delight at the success of this year’s edition.

“S’hail has an important economic dimension as it is characterized by the power of purchasing which benefits local companies in particular and opens up an opportunity for them to cooperate with other international companies participating at the exhibition, and at the same time it benefits fishing and hunting enthusiasts, as the exhibition provides a wide variety at reasonable prices,” she said.

“The auction is the excitement point at the exhibition as it attracts the big interest of falcon lovers. This year as many as 500 birds participated with two auctions taking place on each day of the exhibition. While the first auction sees the winner being announced the same day; the second auction is reserved for 22 ‘Saker Wah’ falcons (Mongolian) spread over five days where the highest bid price is announced on the final day of the exhibition.” said Khalifa bin Sultan Al-Humaidi, Executive Member, S’hail Higher Organizing Committee, and media spokesperson for S’hail.

There have been several comments from exhibitors who have expressed their admiration for what has been added to this year’s edition. A lot of people have commended S’hail for its excellent organisation and extensive planning every year, as well as for the auction that showcases rare and expensive falcons. They also praised the large number of Gulf nations who participated.

In addition to the modern and high-quality items, Hashem Al Sulaili from the State of Kuwait praised this year’s innovations, including the auction via e-application as well as intense rivalry among falcon enthusiasts.

“I participate in S’hail exhibition every year because it opens the door for us to present our experiences in the field of camping and excursions, as we contribute to spreading awareness through training programs and workshops for students providing them with guiding films published on the company’s platforms on social media,” said Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al-Shehab, the supervisor of Golden Eagle Stores (Qatar).

A worldwide forum and an economic platform, he complimented S’hail’s opportunity to exchange experiences and information amongst participants from different nations.

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