The arrest of a person of African nationality specialized in smuggling and employing female workers

The Search and Follow-up Department of the General Directorate of Passports at the Ministry of Interior was able to arrest a person of African nationality, who specialized in smuggling, hiring and harboring female workers of his nationality in the Salata region.
The Ministry of Interior stated, in a statement, that information was received by the administration about smuggling and harboring domestic workers, and immediately a specialized team was formed, in coordination with the relevant security departments, and after taking the necessary permissions, the accused was arrested in flagrante delicto of harboring 15 workers in a house rented for this. Purpose Salata area.
She indicated that by confronting the accused, he confessed to what was attributed to him, as he gave details of sheltering the workers and enabling them to work, through special domestic service offers, and accordingly, the accused were referred to the competent authorities to take the measures followed in this regard.
It called on the competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior to refrain from dealing with these categories of workers in order to avoid any legal accountability or exposure to various crimes.

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