The B Ring road in Qatar to be completed by the end of the year

According to the official website of the Public Works Authority, the B-Ring Road in Qatar will be finished by the end of the year, while a flurry of development works will be implemented in the Musheirib region (Ashghal).

B-Ring Road and Al Khaleej Street are now being built with a total length of 10km, which Ashghal is currently working on. Meanwhile, each street’s capacity is being increased by adding three lanes in each direction. To minimise the impact of construction activity on commuters and decrease traffic congestion inside the project area, Ashghal says it has taken efforts to accomplish just that.

Al Khaleej Street, which has a high volume of traffic, is being redesigned to improve traffic flow. Residential neighbourhoods line the street, which links immediately to many important routes, such as Salwa Road and B-ring road in Qatar. Onaiza Street also connects directly to the street. Construction of 1.2 km of bicycle lanes, 18.2 km of pedestrian pathways and two pedestrian bridges on Al Khaleej Street are also ongoing.

Onaiza Street, Wadi Musheireb, Rawdat Al Khail, and Al Rayyan are also developed. The entrance to the Rumailah Hospital is being developed, while street lights, pedestrian and cycle lanes, and pedestrian crossings are being improved to improve traffic safety. Parking bays are expanded as part of landscaping work. As part of the development of the current potable water distribution system, infrastructure work such as the installation of a stormwater drainage system and drainage network is carried out.

The relevance of the B-Ring Road in Qatar lies in the fact that it connects many service institutions like Rumailah Hospital with tourism attractions like Qatar National Museum (QNM), Museum of Islamic Art, and Al Bidda Park, in addition to a number of commercial businesses.  There are a number of metro stations in Doha that are part of this project, and the works will improve transit between Doha’s central business district and the rest of Qatar.

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