The Community College of Qatar offers two undergraduate programs

The Community College of Qatar announced the launch of two new bachelor’s programs in the specializations of project management and human resource management. The program will start to be taught from the fall semester of 2021. With the new two programs, the total number of programs offered by the college is 20.

The college is preparing to receive the applications of high school graduates, Qataris and children of Qatari women, who have met the admission requirements, and who wish to enrol in its various specializations, which includes many diplomae and bachelor programs. Electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, systems and network management, cyber and network security, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in public administration.

Diploma Programs

The Community College of Qatar also offers 10 diplomas in customs administration, health information management, performing arts, early childhood participation diploma, arts and Arabic language, arts, sciences, technological engineering, information technology, and public administration. The Associate Diploma in Business Administration (blended education), which is currently taught in Arabic, is considered one of the college’s most popular programs because of its flexibility that allows the student to achieve a balance between his studies on the one hand and his professional and family obligations on the other. The number of applicants in the first year has reached To more than 800 students.

This initiative is based on the student attending his academic courses for certain days during the week, provided that he continues his studies during the other days from his home or workplace via the Internet.

An integrated approach

During the past academic year, the college developed an integrated approach to enhance the availability of its courses, which witnessed a large number of students, and to increase the options available to its students. The college’s integrated approach focused on 3 main axes, the first of which is the introduction of two consecutive sets of courses; Each spans only 8 weeks per semester, in parallel with the regular 16-week courses.

The second axis of the college’s approach focuses on attracting more distinguished academic competencies in various disciplines to join the college’s faculty, in addition to the college’s continuous expansion in its educational buildings, which resulted in the launch of the Al Khor Building. The college has also recently concluded agreements with several educational institutions in the country to use its classrooms and facilities to offer evening courses to college students.

Introductory Meeting

In the same context, the college will hold an introductory meeting for the new faculty members tomorrow, Sunday, at the beginning of the fall semester 2021-2022. Thus, the total number of faculty members in the college will be 183. The new faculty members are distinguished by their diverse academic experiences and specializations, which enhances the college’s ability to accommodate the increasing number of students and expand the academic programs it offers, including administration and public administration, humanities, social sciences, languages ​​and literature, sciences, mathematics, engineering technology, and information technology.

The college works to attract experts and specialized competencies year after year, in light of its keenness to enhance the attraction and development of distinguished human capital, within the framework of its commitment to contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030, especially in the field of human development, which is the first pillar in the vision.

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