The content, discounts and bonuses of the week

This week, players from “Red Dead Online” should get their money’s worth again. The events and promotions for the coming days have been set.

Red Dead Online: The Week's Content, Discounts, and Bonuses

Rockstar Games has announced the latest weekly details for “Red Dead Online”, revealing the latest updates for the Wild West multiplayer mode.

Players can expect double “Red Dead Online” money and double experience points in Overrun until November 22, 2021, while double experience points will be distributed at Call to Arms locations, starting with Strawberry until November 15, 2021. Fort Mercer follows until November 22nd. You will also receive 2,000 Club XP for participating.

In the meantime, there is 50 percent additional bonus money and role XP when selling collector’s sets, while the Condor Egg Free Roam event offers 25 percent bonus money and role XP as well as a reward for free boots for participation. In addition, until November 22nd, all fast travel fees will be waived.

Halloween Pass 2 owners will also receive two free shirts and 2,000 Club EP for logging in, while Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming by November 22nd will receive a free accessory Receive a reward and a 50 percent discount for non-reel multi-horses.

The highlights of the week at a glance

Additional experience points and more money:

  • Double RDO $ and XP in Overrun through November 22nd
  • Double XP in Call to Arms in changing locations, starting with Strawberry through November 15, followed by Fort Mercer through November 22, as well as a voucher for 2,000 Club XP for participating in a game of Call to Arms
  • 50% more RDO $ and Role XP for all collector sets sold
  • 25% more RDO $ and role XP in the free roam event “Condor Egg” as well as a voucher for free boots for participation in this event


  • 5 gold bars on the collector’s bag, 40% on the refined binoculars, the metal detector and the Pennington feldspade, 35% on all criollos, repeating rifles, cosmetic roll items for collectors and on the saddlebag for collectors

Prime gaming benefits:

  • Anyone who links their account in the Rockstar Games Social Club to Prime Gaming by November 22nd will receive a reward for a free accessory of their choice and a 50% discount on a non-role-specific multi-purpose horse.


  • Free fast travel until November 22nd
  • Reward for owners of Halloween Pass # 2: two free shirts and 2,000 Club XP for logging in

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