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The dangers of using antivirus applications on an Android phone

Prepare System Android is one of the most widely used smartphone operating systems in the world, but with this spread, it has become a major target for cybercriminals in spreading malware that spreads ads or steals information.

Is it necessary to use an antivirus app in your Android phone to stay safe from hacking or information theft?

How do antivirus apps work?

According For a report from research firm AV Comparatives Many antivirus applications will actually. It does absolutely nothing to scan apps for malicious behavior. It simply whitelists them to compare to the apps you have installed.

And every app that isn’t from a developer in the app’s whitelist is flagged as potentially harmful.

Some apps use a blacklist and scan your phone. To see if you have any of the apps in their blacklist installed.

From a practical point of view this provides very little or no protection. This is because new malicious apps keep popping up. Hence the pre-compiled list of malicious apps is not useful.

In general, most antivirus applications actually do nothing. Instead, it consumes the phone’s resources and affects its performance.

Many anti-malware applications sometimes refer to legitimate applications as malware. And you delete them without warning under the pretext of protecting the phone.

As a result it is as long as your security settings are up to date. The possibility of picking up malware is usually less than you think.

This means that if you take the familiar security measures such as not clicking on suspicious links. And not to install untrusted apps then you won’t need a third party anti-malware app in your phone.

Android built-in anti-malware features

The vast majority of malware targeting Android comes from Through suspicious applications. Hence if you only install apps from Google Play Store. You already have a strong security layer against malware.

Google has a powerful system to identify and eliminate malicious apps in the Google Play Store. This is done by periodically scanning applications manually and automatically for malware in applications published in the Store.

One of the most prominent applications is Play Protect Built-in Google Play Store. Which is designed to effectively combat the latest malware. This is done by using complex algorithms that can learn and adapt to new threats.

And due to the access rights that the application has in the Android phone. It detects malicious behavior of applications and takes necessary actions without your intervention.

The app also has the feature to monitor your network connections and the URLs you are downloading from. and issue warnings when the website or network you are connected to is not secure.

Finally, no third-party Android anti-malware app has the same amount of access and resources as Play Protect.

According to digital security research firm XYPRO, it is likely To have the built-in Play Protect app. It is the single most effective app to keep you safe without the need for a third party app.

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