The delta plus mutation of covid-19 is already in the United States, this is what is known

The emergence of new variants of covid-19 is one of the biggest reasons to reinforce vaccination.

The emergence of new variants of covid-19 is one of the biggest reasons to reinforce vaccination.

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The version of the coronavirus that is officially called AY4.2, which could be responsible for the sharp increase in cases in the UK, has reached US territory.

It’s about a subtype or descendant of the delta variant, also knownAs a delta plus, it raises many doubts that are already being researched, especially in the UK.

In the United States, almost all cases correspond to the delta variant; delta plus is not yet a concern for the country’s health authorities, highlights a CNBC report.

What is worrying in this case is that this variant could make the disease more communicable, and make vaccines less effective against it.

Although it is too early for the UK authorities to tell, they have indicated that they are closely monitoring it, as it represents 6% of cases of covid-19 that have been genetically sequenced, while the rate of infections in the country grows again.

It is worth remembering thatand viruses constantly mutatente; the more they circulate, the greater their chances of mutating. After the emergence of covid-19 at the end of 2019, there have been minor variations that have made it more infectious, as shown by the alpha variant followed by the delta, which continues to be the predominant worldwide.

The UK shows a long spike in the number of cases, with 40,000 to 50,000 infections a day in the last week. The experts wonder what is the vulnerability due to that the country has shown about it, but there is still no answer.

The issue is disturbing because much of the world has not yet been vaccinated. The rate in poor countries is barely around 3% of their population.

For now, experts indicate that no need to panic, but it is necessary to follow the subject carefully.

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