The Excelligent names Qatar Olympic Academy as Qatar’s finest educational centre

The Qatar Olympic Academy (QOA) has been named the finest educational institution in Qatar for the year 2021 by The Excelligent, an international publication specialising in education.

Academies and educational centres in Qatar have been monitored by the magazine for their activity and educational movement. The Qatar Olympic Academy has been able to reach all segments of the Qatari, Gulf and Arab societies as well as a large number of European and American countries too.

When the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) broke out in March of last year, the Academy switched to a remote teaching approach that included Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the QOA has adapted its programmes and courses to suit distance education. The QOA adopted a calendar this year with over twenty different programmes and courses, whether at the level of workshops Olympic education or other courses as well as postgraduate studies.

Announcing the Qatar Olympic Academy’s selection by The Excelligent International magazine as “the best educational centre in Qatar for 2021,” Qatar Olympic Academy Executive Director Saif Mohammed Al Nuaimi said it was a result of the efforts of the Qatar Olympic Academy’s work teams, who are always striving for the best, and partners from the international, continental and local communities.

“The Qatar Olympic Academy always seeks to reach all segments of the local community, especially the Arab and international community in general, through diversity in the programmes, courses and workshops that serve the sports community administratively and technically, in order to achieve one of the most important goals of the academy, which is to spread the sports and Olympic culture among societies,” he added.

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