The Hamad Bin Khalifa University Endowment Fund has been launched

The president of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has announced the university’s endowment fund, which will support its vision for success. Dr Ahmad Mojahed Omar Hasna spoke about the university’s vision and its goals for the future.

The fund will have a tremendous impact on society and the country, and he called on everyone to support it. Hamad Bin Khalifa University is also launching dialogues on Twitter Spaces regarding a number of cultural and sociological topics.

“As part of Qatar Foundations educational renaissance project, HBKU is at the heart of Qatar’s strategy to invest in human capital and contribute to the diversification of the economy. The country’s economic and social development demanded the critical thinking and skills that a high-quality research education could provide. These knowledge investments continue to support Qatar in achieving economic, social and sustainable development

“Our goal moving forward is to lead all possible efforts in creating high-impact research outcomes and addressing areas of vital national importance, including artificial intelligence, climate change, and quantum data analysis. We remain deeply connected to our society by initiating meaningful conversations; we have launched the HBKU Dialogues to mobilize and bridge our research efforts and our community outreach initiatives,” he said.

HBKU’s commitment, founded upon the values of innovation and transformation, has proven that higher education institutions contribute to all sustainable development goals, whether through education and study programs, research outputs, or other initiatives.

It is considered one of the leading centres for innovative research in the country, contributing to the enrichment of knowledge, building capabilities, and enhancing society.

The university has endeavoured to develop world-class academic programs and research capabilities over the past decade, enabling Qatar’s knowledge-based economy to advance and providing viable solutions to sustainability issues.

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