The latest bomb cyclone will leave floods and landslides in the northwest of the country starting Monday

The latest bomb cyclone could worsen the flooding that has hit part of California this weekend.

The latest bomb cyclone could worsen the flooding that has hit part of California this weekend.

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In recent days, the northwest of the country has witnessed several rains caused by a bomb cyclone from the Pacific. Although the rains could alleviate the severe drought that has hit regions like northern California, more water could fall early next week that could cause flooding and landslides due to excess water.

The entire west coast of the country has seen increasingly intense rains fall. Areas like Washington and Redding have seen up to six straight days of rain. It is the first time that it has rained for several days since April, which aggravated the drought and gave foot to several wildfires that to date have consumed approximately 2 million acres during the season.

The amount of water that has fallen in San Francisco and Sacramento, California and Medford, Oregon, in the last few days exceeds the annual average of precipitation in the West of the country. It is even expected that in the next week it will rain even more, which would cause flooding in several sectors because the land is so dry that it cannot absorb as much water.

In addition, AccuWeather It is expected that the rains and strong winds will continue to ravage the region until next week when a new bomb cyclone will hit the country from the Pacific. It is for that reason that floods are almost certain, because the last cyclone is the most powerful of the two that have reached the United States Until now.

This Sunday there were already several flooded streets in Santa Rosa, California, and the evacuation of some buildings in the area.

The Oregon authorities, for their part, indicated on social networks that they also presented several flooded roads due to the torrential rains that have intensified in the area.

Meteorologists indicated that this latest bomb cyclone will reach a little further south than previous storms, so it will be Predicted for the rains to be heavier and draw in much of the moisture from the Pacific, which would lead to rainfall and bad weather a little further east to almost the Midwest.

Over the next few days, San Francisco and Sacramento could see more than 4 inches of rain, a fact that has only happened seven times since 1941, so it’s important to forecast. Central and Northern California would also suffer from winds of up to 70 miles per hour and with gusts that will exceed 120 mph.

By Tuesday, winds and rain will hit the upper deserts in Southern California and even the Wasatch Range in Utah.

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