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The legend of “Pascualita” causes terror … her mother embalmed her and used her as a mannequin

In Mexico there is a wedding dress store called

In Mexico there is a wedding dress store called “La popular”, noted for a mannequin with details that resemble a human being.

Photo: Majid Saeedi / Getty Images

Like it’s part of a horror movie script the legend of ‘La Pascualita’ could steal more than one sleep; it could be about a beautiful woman who after death was embalmed, turned into a mannequin and it’s in a store window.

According to the inhabitants of Chihuahua, a small wedding dress store in that city, in northern Mexico, attracts attention for its display case, where in addition to displaying the best clothes, a cold gaze emanates from a tall and slender figure, dressed and decorated as if he were about to go to the altar.

It is, according to storytellers, the daughter of Pascuala Esparza, former owner of the place, who when he could not bear the death of the young woman, he decided to embalm her and have her as his emblematic figure of his business.

According to local historians, “Pascualita” was about to get married, but tragically, on her wedding day, a poisonous insect bit her and she died, her mother was so affected by the loss of her daughter that wanted to preserve his body, that’s why it was mummified and placed on the sideboard, where hundreds of people claim, you can look at the detail of the body as evidence that the story is real.

Its strange resemblance to humans, for many, is extremely dark, just look at the worn nails, aged skin and deep gaze for terror to invade visitors.

However, local media doubt that this story is real, as they indicate that there are records that it was brought from France by the manager of the clothing store called La Popular “.

Currently, the store has a new owner, Mario González, who keeps the terrifying figure on the sideboard and unlike other mannequins, “Pascualita” receives special treatment, because before changing her clothes, the curtains are closed, as if taking care of her modesty and maintaining the mystery.

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