The Ministry of Health develops the skills of new employees through a training program

The Ministry of Public Health has concluded the “new employee” program for the year 2021, which aims to prepare new employees to deal within the work environment and provide them with the skills necessary for their integration into the ministry’s workforce. The program comes within the framework of the ministry’s efforts to develop the workforce and raise the efficiency of employees.
It includes training courses for new employees, including skills for writing and following up on job reports, in which the trainee learns how to write all kinds of reports, whether electronic reports (the method of writing email) or administrative reports, in addition to Office 365 skills and dealing with the Team application, teamwork and effective communication, which Through it, the employee learns the skills necessary to deal with all personalities at work and deal with colleagues, as well as skills of loyalty, job affiliation, and creative and innovative thinking.
Ghanem Ibrahim Al-Mohannadi, Director of Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Public Health, said: The interest in the human element and investment in its development is one of the most important principles of work in human resources management, and it comes in line with international best practices, noting that based on this basis, the new employee program that was designed has been implemented. To facilitate the integration of Qatari employees who have recently joined the Ministry of Public Health, by integrating them in specialized and technical courses that meet the requirements of the job, which helps them understand their duties and responsibilities and adapt them to the work environment.
He added that within the framework of the program, a number of projects and initiatives were implemented within the Human Resources Transformation Strategy 2020-2022, and the most important principle of its guiding principles is “the employee is our focus.”
He stressed the ministry’s keenness to repeat the program’s experience, especially after the success it achieved to ensure the integration of all employees and their involvement in achieving the strategic goals of both the department to which the employee belongs and the ministry in general.
Issa Al-Suwaidi, Head of the Learning and Development Department at the Ministry of Public Health, said: “The program targeted all new Qatari employees who had never worked before and joined the Ministry of Public Health during the past year, to facilitate their integration and adaptation in the work environment and help them understand their tasks and responsibilities, especially since they They started working during the Covid-19 outbreak.”
Al-Suwaidi added: About 90% of those who provided training courses for new employees are Qatari trainers, which gave an added value to the program, and the number of new employees in the ministry who benefited from the program during the current year reached 42 male and female employees, in addition to attracting 18 male and female employees from Ministry employees to attend some promotions courses, and the participation of 7 new employees from Hamad Medical Corporation based on the training cooperation between the ministry and the institution.

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