The most important features of the Apple Watch 7 to activate it

The Apple Watch 7 has begun to reach users who pre-ordered it, and the watch comes with a lot of new developments and features.

You can greatly customize your Apple Watch experience, thanks to the many customization capabilities that Apple offers to watch users.

And you can control all the settings for the Apple Watch 7, and these features are completely optional, so you can activate or turn them off.

Always On Display

You can’t say that the Apple Watch is the first watch to offer Always On Display technology even from Apple, but the watch offers a clearer screen.

The Always On Display feature significantly affects the performance of the watch’s battery and the duration of use of the watch, as Apple expects a use period of up to 18 hours with this feature turned on.

But when you turn off Always On Display, you get a little more battery performance and longer than expected.

And you can turn off this feature by going to the settings app for the watch, and then go to choosing the screen and brightness, and then activate or close Always On.

The password on the Apple Watch 7

When you install the Apple Watch 7 for the first time, it asks you to enter a special password to unlock the watch.

This is one of the additional insurance steps that Apple provides for its smart watches and devices in general.

The new Apple Watch design also allows you to enter the passcode comfortably and effortlessly, thanks to the larger and clearer screen size.

But you may not want to activate this feature in order to make your access to the watch faster and easier, and you can do this by going to the Settings app and then the passcode.

fall tracking

Fall tracking or fall sensing is one of the most popular Apple Watch features the company is promoting.

But the watch does not come with this feature in advance, and you need to activate it manually, by going to the settings.

And then you choose to track the fall and activate this feature, and this feature has saved the lives of many users around the world.

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Using the Find My network on the Apple Watch

You can easily access the Find My network through the Apple Watch, and this feature uses the watch to find Apple devices.

This feature allows you to track the location of your phone if you lose it or access AirTags to track lost items.

You can access it via the Find My app on the watch, and then activate this feature and enable continuous location tracking.

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