The products most affected by the crisis in the supply chain

Several products have been affected by the crisis in the supply chain.

Several products have been affected by the crisis in the supply chain.

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The supply chain crisis, that started with the pandemic in 2020 due to mobility restrictions, has caused shortage and rise in prices of all kinds of products.

It is not for less. The World Bank estimates that the pandemic caused the contraction of Global economy 3.59% during the year 2020.

Upon food and drinks, CNN underscores suffering price increases corn tortillas, soft drinks and meat. It could also increase in the short term the cost of coffee.

As to manufactured products, all the goods coming out of China they experience shortages and a significant price hike.

ANDl automotive section live your own crisis, by lack of semiconductors that has already forced plant operations to halt in various parts of the world. Inventory for several brands is below pre-pandemic levels.

That same lack of semiconductors hits technology firms that manufacture electronic items.

The toy sellers are distressed As the end of the year season approaches, they are already facing difficulties caused by a shortage of containers and little space on maritime vessels.

The world is also shooting up fuel demand like coal in China and natural gas in Europe. What is not growing at the same rate is their supply.

Meanwhile, the United States and the United Kingdom are concerned about oil and its derivatives.

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