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The Red Crescent implements a project to provide alternative energy for the health center in Deir al-Balah in Gaza

The Qatar Red Crescent continued its support for health services in the Gaza Strip, through the implementation of a project to provide alternative energy for the health center of its Palestinian counterpart in Deir al-Balah in the Strip.
In a statement today, the Red Crescent stated that the aforementioned health center has been provided with solar energy at a time when the governorates of Gaza suffer from the continuing crisis of power outages for more than 12 hours a day, which threatens the provision of health services provided to patients.
Dr. Akram Nassar, Director of the Representative Office of the Qatar Red Crescent in the Gaza Strip, stressed the importance of this project in light of the continuing power outage crisis in the Strip and its negative effects on the health sector services there, noting that from this point of view, this intervention came with the aim of installing 130 pieces of panels Solar energy, to help provide 58 kilowatts of electricity, ensuring the continuity of providing services to the public without interruption.
In turn, Eng. Sufian Zeidan, director of the Palestinian Red Crescent branch in the central governorate, praised the implementation of the new solar energy project, as the center serves about 4,700 patients per month, in addition to the fact that the amount of energy available from the project will cover 90 percent of the center’s electricity needs, most notably the emergency departments. The radiology and specialized clinics, in which the service was stopped due to the power outage, in addition to the fact that the new project reduced fuel emissions from electric generators, which were harmful to the residents and the surrounding areas of the center.
It is worth noting that the Qatar Red Crescent has previously implemented projects to provide alternative energy to ensure the continuity of services provided to the population in the Gaza Strip for 15 years. It is currently being implemented to supply 3 water wells with solar energy.

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