The search for victories ignites the last rounds

A fiery summit between Al-Arabi and Umm Salal, and a difficult meeting for Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail
The leader faces Al-Wakra to widen the difference and Al-Rayyan is in a difficult task against the North

Tomorrow will kick off the eleventh and last round of the QNB Stars League, which will witness meetings that will all be hot and exciting, as each team hopes to finish this stage with a positive result that compensates for some of what was lost in the previous stages, and pushes it to a good start and a stronger start in the second section, which starts directly without stopping. On the third of next January. All matches without exception will be strong and very good and will witness a bitter struggle between all the teams due to the results of the last round, whether positive results or negative and not good results.
Certainly, there are teams that will play the matches vigorously in order to compensate for their stumble in the last round, especially the three big ones, Al Duhail, Al Rayyan, Al Sailiya and Al Khor, and the other teams that have achieved victories are also fighting all their matches vigorously in order to continue these positive results, especially Al Sadd, Qatar, Al Ahly and Umm Salal, while the Quartet seeks Al-Arabi, Al-Gharafa, Al-Wakra and Al-Shamal to regain victories and compensate for the tie achieved in the last round.
Tomorrow, the start will witness 3 meetings between Al Shamal with Al Rayyan, Al Ahly with Al Duhail, and Al Gharafa with Al Sailiya.
The matches will be completed on Thursday with Al-Wakra with Al-Sadd, Al-Arabi with Umm Salal and Al-Khor with Qatar.
heavy confrontation
It is certain that the match of Al Shamal ninth (9 points) with Al Rayyan Tenth (9 points) will be a heavy confrontation in the true sense of the word for the two teams, especially for Al Rayyan, who is going through a difficult period and a period of decline in level, performance and positions, and suffers in front of his huge fans due to successive losses that made him fall back a lot, The weight of the confrontation is increased by the fact that Al-Shamal achieved a great victory over Al-Rayyan in the last meeting of the two teams in the Ooredoo Cup and with a treble, and Al-Shamal will work to repeat the surprise, while Al-Rayyan fights for revenge and in order to regain its victory and stop the bleeding of points.
hard mission
In the spirits of the first victory, Al-Ahly hosts the eighth (9 points) Al-Duhail the wounded (22 points) in a difficult task in which there is no alternative to the three points, after the Dean’s morale revived with the first victory in the last round against Al-Sailiya, and after Al-Duhail received the shock of loss and the second surprise by losing against Umm Salal , It is certain that the task will be very difficult for each team, especially Al Duhail, who may end up leaving his conflict with the leader early, while the dean may suffer again if he returns to lose points.
compensation for
Although Al-Gharafa did not lose the fourth (16 points), he will fight to not lose the points of his match with Al-Sailiya, the eleventh and penultimate (5 points), which in turn seeks to regain victories and stop the defeats that rolled over him and made him one of the closest candidates to relegation after a long journey with the seniors in the Stars League Al-Gharafa will strive for victory in order to stabilize the feet in the square and perhaps reduce the difference with Al-Arabi, while Al-Sailiya struggles to compensate for all that was lost in the first section and end it with a victory that may raise his morale before the decisive section.
hard match
Al-Wakra fifth (16 points) is waiting for a very difficult match against the leader (28 points), as there is no alternative to winning against Al-Wakra, who lost 5 full points in the last two rounds, which made him come out of the box, and put him in a difficult position due to the strong rise of Umm Salal, who is coming strongly. Towards the square, and despite the arduous task, Al-Wakra presented good levels this season and also distinguished results, most notably the victory over Al-Duhail by four, but the leader will have a different opinion as he seeks to continue victories in order to continue to widen the difference between him and Al-Duhail in order to continue defending his title.
fiery peak
The confrontation of the third Arab (20 points) with Umm Salal the sixth (12 points) is a fiery summit between two good teams led by two national coaches.
Al-Arabi seeks to restore the victories that were stopped in the last round at the hands of Al-Gharafa in order to continue the challenge journey with the adults and the people of the summit, and is fighting Umm Salal to continue the victories that were recently achieved and brought back to him the ambitions of competing for the golden square after a long absence.
It is expected that the confrontation will be strong, especially since the two teams have very good tools and elements that make their match together one of the most important matches of the round.
Qatar is the seventh (12 points) a guest on the last Al Khor (4 points), hoping to continue victories at his expense and take a step forward and towards the golden square, while the meeting may be an opportunity for Al Khor led by its new coach Lima to get out of the bottleneck and achieve his first victory in the league.

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