The Tomorrow Children: Trademark rights back with the developer

As the developers of Q Games announced, the studio received the trademark rights to “The Tomorrow Children” back. This will enable Q Games to work on the return of “The Tomorrow Children”.

The Tomorrow Children: Trademark rights back with developer - return announced

In cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the indie developers at Q Games released the Free2Play title “The Tomorrow Children” for the PlayStation 4 in 2016.

However, this undertaking was not crowned with success. Less than a year later, the servers of “The Tomorrow Children” were taken offline again. After Sony Interactive Entertainment held the rights to the brand for the past few years, those responsible at Q Games have now announced that the studio has managed to get back the rights to “The Tomorrow Children”.

Developers promise a return of the brand

The studio based in Kyoto, Japan stated that “The Tomorrow Children” will celebrate a comeback: “In a historic step by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Tomorrow Children is back home! Q-Games has acquired the IP rights and will bring #TheTomorrowChildren back in the future. ”However, Q Games has not yet given specific details about the plans that are being pursued with the brand.

On the subject: The Tomorrow Children – Everything for the good of the community

At the time, “The Tomorrow Children” relied on an unusual gameplay and combined elements from the indie hit “Minecraft” on the one hand and those from a classic survival experience on the other. In 1967 a secret Soviet scientific experiment fails and leads to a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions.

As a result, almost all of the physical matter disappears, which changes the surface of the planet forever and confronts people with a merciless struggle for survival.

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