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What you can expect in the second season of “The Witcher”, you can find out in the Netflix trailer released today.

The Witcher series: The trailer for season 2 - Geralt and Co. on the hunt for monsters

Netflix has released the official trailer for the second season of the “The Witcher” series. Here the imminent war is hinted at, which is no surprise after the end of season 1.

Witcher Geralt von Rivia, Princess Ciri, Sorceress Yennefer and many other well-known characters are involved in this war. Everywhere they meet monsters that should actually be in hibernation at this time. One thing is clear: as long as they exist, people will have no rest. However, the many monsters are not the only problem.

Two weeks ago, the showrunner promised that in the new episodes significantly more monster fights will occur. Many viewers wanted just that.

The world has visibly changed and is in danger of going under completely. For Geralt, however, that shouldn’t be a problem, who, according to his own words, has already survived three times the world has fallen.

Not everyone likes trailer music

The trailer features action-packed scenes that fans of the popular fantasy series should please. However, many fans in the comments criticize the choice of music, which was more atmospheric in the trailer for the first season. You can hear “Monster” by Kanye West.

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Just like the first season, the new season consists of eight episodes. The episodes are partly based on the books “The Legacy of the Elves” and “The Time of Contempt”. By the way, it has been clear since last month that a third season will follow in the future.

Season 2 kicks off on December 17th and is only available on Netflix.

The official trailer:

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