Thermomix: Owners have been waiting for this feature for years

Vorwerk is fulfilling a wish for Thermomix owners that some customers have certainly been waiting for a long time. You will soon be able to store your own recipes via the Cookidoo portal and prepare them using guided cooking. This makes cooking with the Thermomix even more flexible.

Thermomix: save your own recipes on Cookidoo

The Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk is not necessarily a bargain, but it still has won a lot of fans. Also due to the very high price, the requirements are higher than for comparable kitchen gadgets. All the better that the manufacturer has now decided to open its own recipe platform Cookidoo.

From November 16, 2021, paying customers with a Cookidoo subscription will be able to use their Post your own Thermomix recipes on the platform and save. Variations are also possible. You can upload your own photos for each recipe (source: Vorwerk).

In addition, the manufacturer envisions that recipes with guided cooking will also be possible in the future directly from websites or from magazines can be imported. To do this, however, you have to rely on cooperation with the respective portals. In cooking magazines, a QR code could be enough to save and adapt the recipe on Cookidoo. Exchanging recipes with friends should also be much easier this way.

in the Video: This is how Cookidoo works with its own recipes.

the Thermomix competition from Bosch, the Cookit, was given a very similar function a few weeks ago. A paid subscription does not have to be taken out with Bosch.

Thermomix: Cookidoo for 36 euros a year

Vorwerk opens the recipe portal Cookidoo pay with 36 euros annually. The first month is free. Cookidoo currently has more than 70,000 recipes available. After opening the portal, the number should increase significantly after a short time.

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