These are the Android and Apple smartphones affected by the internet blackout of September 30


As of this September 30, 2021, tens of thousands of devices in the world will lose the ability to navigate Internet. This is due to the expiration of a “credential” that allows the connection between the computers and the servers that host the services and Internet pages.

The affected devices are mainly all those that are considered “discontinued” in the market and whose departure dates date from about 10 years ago. Although these terminals were no longer sold anywhere, until September 29, 2021, the devices retained their qualities of access points to Internet information. But, after September 30, they will now only be objects to play multimedia content stored in them.

Android gingerbread internet blackout

If your phone looks like this, then it will no longer be able to connect to the Internet | Image: Androidzone

Android and iOS phones affected by the “Internet Blackout”

The Android phones and tablets that will be affected by the “Internet blackout” are all those that have the version Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread or lower.

The iPhones were not saved either. All those Apple phones with an operating system iOS 9 or lower they will also not have “permission” to access the Internet.

IOS 9 blackout internet iphone

If your iPhone stayed on iOS 9, then it can no longer connect to the Internet | Image: 9to5mac

All those devices stopped receiving updates for quite some time. Those data packages that manufacturers distribute are important because They are the ones that “renew” the certificates that allow, among other things, Internet browsing.

Your phone now probably won’t have a problem with this Internet Blackout, But you better not get attached and save it for a decade because you will surely face the same disconnect.


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