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These are the meanest monsters in the closed network test

Killer flowers, dragons and giant trolls: “Elden Ring” already brings out heavy artillery in the closed network test. We take a look at the toughest opponents of the demo version.

On November 12, 2021, the closed network test opens the gates for “Elden Ring”. In the Limgrave area contained there, you take it as a defiled with a whole host of nasty creatures. We have already (virtually) put ourselves in danger for you and give you a little insight into what to expect.

In this article we discuss and show some of the intermediate and final opponents of the closed network test of “Elden Ring. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, please stop reading at this point.

Honorable mentions

The opponents listed here are intermediate bosses or even final bosses. But of course there are many other stubborn enemies in the intermediate world who have to conquer him.

A huge flower made a special impression, bombarding us with seeds, but also spitting out poisonous, green pollen. After we handled her offspring, she was no longer a major challenge, but the poisoning stayed with us for quite a while.

Wolves or “undead” dogs also made life difficult for us. The latter guarded the mines. In the narrow corridors they presented a challenge, after all, the beasts moved at lightning speed and kept pushing us on the defensive.

Tree guardian

Great: Rider with warhorse
We meet the tree guard shortly after arriving in Limgrave. The heavily armored knight and his war horse patrol the lush meadows outside the church of Elleh. It is the first really big hurdle of this version, but thanks to the surrounding grass it can also be easily avoided.

If you do get into a fight, speed is the order of the day. The tree guard takes a powerful run-up for his shock attacks and has a considerable range with his lance. If you block his blows, you are disoriented for seconds. The tree guard is therefore extremely difficult to crack at a short distance. We therefore rely on bows and arrows or other long-range weapons.

Stone burial troll

Great: Troll with a club
You can find the stone grave troll on a mezzanine level in the mines. He guards the riches mined there. As befits an opponent of this class, the stone grave troll acts primarily hard and physically. The creature isn’t particularly fast, but grass no longer grows where it hits. The club used by the troll causes severe area damage. Accordingly, you should make yourselves out of the dust. Here, too, we recommend ranged weapons first.


Great: Troll with short sword
Reaching the fortress is the big goal in the closed network test of “Elden Ring”. A number of normal soldiers are already waiting for you in front of the storm gate. However, if you step through the gate itself, the archers waiting there are the smallest problem. A towering troll is lurking for you in the back corner. The best thing to do is to lure him riding on the storm wind and fight him in the outer area of ​​the facility.

Then you have more space to evade and you won’t be attacked by said archers. The gatekeeper proves to be comparatively predictable. With his sword he either draws a semicircle around him or even stabs the ground with a thrust in front of him. The latter gives you a time window to strike – for example with charged talents.

Flying dragon Agheel

Great: Kite
The winged mythical creatures already have a long tradition in “Dark Souls”. Not surprisingly, such a beast appears in Limgrave. Agheel is the largest and most agile counterparty in the closed network test. At the start, the monster shoots at the free space outside the lake, destroying a horde of innocent people. Practical: If you lure the giant crabs that also live there into this area at this moment, Agheel will flatten them for you and you will get the runes.

Otherwise, however, Agheel is a terrifying fellow: With his fiery breath he lays a large area in front of him in rubble and ashes, then he rises into the air and thunders down to attack. If you are looking for close combat, it drives around with speed and tries to shake you off. In short: Agheel is powerful and will challenge you extremely.

Margit, the cruel time

Great: unknown
Margit is the final boss in “Elden Ring” and should – like the dragon – only be tackled after you have leveled up a number of times. Because even if the guy looks weathered and neglected, he still has an abundance of powerful attacks. For example, he has the ability to summon weapons and strike with them instead of his stick.

For example, he gets himself a hammer and starts a jump attack or throws daggers at you. Margit is astonishingly nimble, keeps jumping high in the air and then comes down with blows. At the same time, however, it also opens up time windows for counterattacks. Margit is a fast and powerful adversary who usually announces his attacks well in advance. A little tip: There is a totem in front of the boss arena where you can call for reinforcements.

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