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Next week, gaming fans can look forward to a few new video games that will find their way into local retailers. A total of eight new games will be released for PS4 and PS5. Which titles you can look forward to in the next few days, we want to take a closer look together with you below.

Airborne Kingdom (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 9, 2021

It starts with “Airborne Kingdom”, a building strategy game that was released for the PC last year. In it you have the task of building your own flying utopia. You read that correctly, this time you are not building a disdainful city on the ground, but a metropolis at lofty heights.

As is typical of the genre, you not only have to keep expanding the empire you created yourself, but of course you also have to take care of the needs of your citizens. In addition, you also have to make sure that your city does not run out of fuel and diplomatic skills with the soil kings are also required.

Blue Reflection: Second Light (PS4)

Release: November 9, 2021

Friends of classic role-playing games with an anime look should keep an eye on “Blue Reflection: Second Light”. The focus of the story is the high school student Ao Hoshizaki, who actually has to attend summer school, but never makes it there. Instead, she ends up in a world unknown to her, where she meets three other girls. They have all lost their memories and from now on have to find their way around this mysterious place.

The gameplay of the title is roughly divided into three large parts: Dialogues, i.e. social interactions between the characters, as well as exploration and battles. The girls can get to know each other better and form bonds, which gives them new skills. Then of course the environment wants to be explored and you have to face dangerous monsters in battle.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 9, 2021

The most famous new release of the coming week should meanwhile be “Jurassic World Evolution 2”, in which you can of course create your own dinosaur park. The story of the game begins after the events of the last movie in the series, “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom”. You work with well-known characters from the original, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm or Claire Dearing to keep and protect different species of dinosaurs.

You can let off steam in various game modes, such as the sandpit mode. Furthermore, you are also allowed to re-enact famous scenarios from the movies and can even try to master them. These special levels contain “What if …?” Scenarios from all five films. In addition, there are more dinosaurs than in the predecessor, namely over 75 different species, whose appearance you can even change.

Epic Chef (PS4)

Release: November 11, 2021

If your heart beats for cooking, the little adventure game “Epic Chef” might be worth a look. As the title suggests, your cooking skills are particularly important in this game, as you have to combine various ingredients to create tasty dishes. You can experiment with over thousands of combinations of your ingredients.

But it’s not always cozy, because so-called cooking battles are also waiting for you, in which you have to assert yourself in culinary battles against other chefs in order to be able to rise to the chef king in the end. By the way, you can grow your own ingredients, both vegetable and animal. If the kitchen gets tight, you can also take a walk through the town of Ambrosia and get to know the locals.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 11, 2021

With “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition”, Rockstar Games is making a comeback three classics of the PlayStation 2 era. The package includes “Grand Theft Auto III”, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, three milestones in the open world genre.

The developers have not changed the stories of the three cult games, but those responsible have revised both the technology and the controls. A new lighting system was installed as well as high-resolution textures and increased foresight. The controls and target mechanics have meanwhile been adapted to those from the latest offshoot of the series, “Grand Theft Auto V”.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 11, 2021

And another new edition will appear in the next few days for current consoles, more precisely “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition”. The original, which was released for the PlayStation 3, among other things, is now ten years old. The birthday and anniversary editions not only contain the content of the Creation Club, but also all DLCs.

The Creation Clubs content is a pool of content created by fans of the fantasy RPG. More precisely, the creators added content from 500 selected mods, which include new dungeons, quests and weapons. Should you ever need a break from the fight against all kinds of evil creatures, you can now also cast your fishing rod and go hunting for fish.

Treasures of the Aegean (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 11, 2021

Just because both “Uncharted” and the “Tomb Raider” series are currently taking a break doesn’t mean you have to miss out on an exciting adventure. In this case, it might be worth taking a look at “Treasures of the Aegean”, in which you slip into the role of the parkour expert Marie Taylor. She sets out with treasure hunter James Andrew to uncover the secrets of a kingdom that is trapped in a time warp.

With the help of Marie’s acrobatic skills, you will pave your way through the 2D levels in the best “Prince of Persia” manner. You have to climb, slide, and swing to advance through the sections. In addition, you also have to solve several puzzles to create a map of this mysterious place. In addition, you must hurry in the treasure hunt, because you are not the only ones who are after the treasures of the kingdom.

Gynoug (PS4, PS5)

Release: November 12, 2021

Finally, a real classic finds its way onto current game consoles, namely “Gynoug”, which was originally released in 1991 for the SEGA Mega Drive. The classic shoot ’em up is bursting with crashing action, with those responsible promising that the challenges of the title are still unsurpassed today. In total you have to fight to the death in six levels.

The game principle is very simple: you shoot everything that dares to fly in front of your nose. These are both normal opponents, but also mini-bosses or full-blown boss opponents. Thanks to a power-up system, however, you can also stand up to these enemies. Above all, your reflexes are challenged.

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