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“They are going to crucify me”: Under anonymity Premier League player declares himself gay

During an interview, the footballer explained all the problems he has suffered for fear of rejection.

During an interview the footballer explained all the problems he has suffered for fear of rejection.

Photo: ISABEL INFANTES / Getty Images

In an act of bravery for the strong fear of being rejected by their team’s fans An English Premier League player confessed under anonymity to being gay.

In an interview to the English portal The Sun, the footballer assured that if his identity is made known publicly I would be the victim of multiple rejections and mistreatment by homophobes.

“We are in 2021 and I should be free to tell everyone who I am. But there are some fans in the stands for which we are still in the eighties. I want to be open with people because I am who I am and I am proud. But the truth is that I will be crucified, ”said the player.

During his statement he also said that has lived terrifying moments during the last years because of the fear of being noticed that he is gay.

“When I play, I feel like the fans can know and they are judging me. “Is it noticeable in the field? Can you tell by the clothes I wear off the court? It has had a terrible effect on me mentally. It’s terrifying, ”he said.

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