They claim that Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife, asked to disconnect the singer

Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández.

Doña Cuquita and Vicente Fernández.

Photo: Archive / Emilio de la Cruz / Reform Agency

Since last August 6 when Vicente Fernandez He was admitted to the emergency hospital for a spectacular fall who suffered on his ranch, a series of speculations have arisen about the singer’s real state of health; just as it happened last Monday, when they assured that his wife, Doña Cuquita Abarca, would have requested that her husband be disconnected so that he could finally “rest”.

During the program Formula Radio led by the journalist Flor Rubio, shared information directly from the relatives of the “Charro de Huentitan”, where they assured him that he’s fine, he was even playing with the doctors in intensive care The last Sunday.

However, it was the reporter Gabriel Cuevas placeholder image who assured that he knows a person who works in the hospital where the iconic Mexican singer is, who informed him that Doña Cuquita would have already asked to be disconnected of the teams that help her husband.

“What I am going to say is very strong, but it is what they told me, that among the doctors they expect nothing more than Don Vicente Fernández, now, because they say that it is difficult for him to breathe, that instead of his recovery, going backwards. There are days when he can’t even move his fingers ”.

Gabriel stressed that it is something that he was told and that it is by no means official, but that the rumor about the request for Doña María del Refugio is gaining more and more strength, because the health of the interpreter of “These Jealousy” is getting worse every day, although the medical report says otherwise.

“He literally told me that Doña Cuquita asked to be disconnected, but that the children did not want to.”

Also, during the program that was broadcast on Tuesday, October 5, the same host assured that the best thing that could happen to Vicente Fernández would be resting after two months of seeing him in poor health.

For its part, Flor Rubio said that the Fernández family was “forced” to share the recent statement due to the series of speculations that have been generated around the Vicente Fernández’s true state of health, and they are just trying to make it look like everything is going great.

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