Thieves take advantage of Paulo Dybala’s trip to Russia to rob his mansion in Italy

Juventus star Paulo Dybala suffered the robbery of his mansion in Italy.

Juventus star Paulo Dybala suffered the robbery of his mansion in Italy.

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The Argentine footballer Paulo dybala, 27 years old and who is a couple Oriana Zabatini, is not going through its best moment, when it became known that a few days ago the mansion they own in the town of Mocalieri, near Turin, in Italy.

According to information from various Italian media, The Juventus player’s house was visited by lovers of other people’s things, taking advantage of the fact that he was in Russia supporting his teammates in their match against Zenit.

It transpired that the intruders entered the house through one of the windows on the ground floor and took some high-end jewelry and watches with them, the total amount of the stolen being unknown, until now.

“Dybala is completing the inventory to find out if anything else is missing inside the house,” local media reported.

The robbery was possible despite the fact that a guard in the area notified the police about the presence of intruders inside the house, who managed to slip away before the first patrol reached the place.

So far there is no report of detainees, nor has more information been provided on those allegedly responsible for the robbery.

How is the house of Paulo Dybala and Oriana Zabatini in Italy?

Through various videos and photographs, Catherine Fulop’s daughter and the Juventus player have taken us to see the most remote corners of their love nest that has three bedrooms.

Kitchen room

The kitchen is the favorite place of the also actress and this was demonstrated in the video that she enhanced for the program ‘MTV Cribs’.

This room is open and consists of a white cupboard, stainless steel appliances, as well as a bar that is used by the couple as a breakfast area and to prepare their food.

Waiting room

After crossing the access door, the first room is the living room, a space that has three white armchairs, a glass coffee table, a wall-mounted television, a gorilla carrying a barrel and the extensive collection of trophies of the also player of the Argentine National Team.

From that room you have spectacular views of the garden thanks to its large windows.

Piano room

The piano room features a black Yamaha piano, a tempered glass table with space for four chairs, a sofa, and a bookcase.

On one of the walls they have a series of photos in which they show the great love that they boast so much.


His home also has an office equipped with a bookcase, a computer table, as well as a very comfortable race car seat chair.

Game room

The 26-year-old forward’s house also has a hobby room, which is made up of different games, including a racing simulator.

Jerseys room

In addition to his trophies, Dybala also keeps the jerseys he has exchanged throughout his career in a room.

While some have them stored in boxes, others have them hanging, while the most special have them framed on the wall.

Master bedroom

The couple’s bedroom has a large bed, gray bedding, and a door leading to the garden.

It also has a dressing table which is where the interpreter of ‘Luna Llena’ usually fixes up to always look simply beautiful.


The gym has everything necessary for Paulo and Oriana to carry out a very complete and demanding exercise routine.


Like any soccer player’s house, the garden has a very important role, as it has extensive green areas where Dybala can train without having to leave the house.

The green areas also stand out for their sun beds, their terrace and their swimming pool, a space that becomes the couple’s best ally during the hot season.

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