This is how the singles houses of Los Temerarios, Gustavo and Adolfo Ángel look like today

A few weeks ago We take you to know the humble house in which Adolfo and Gustavo Ángel grew up, Los Temerarios, in the José María Morelos neighborhood, in the state of Zacatecas, and now it is the turn of three of the properties they owned in Fresnillo and that they served, at the time, as offices of the corporation and as houses.

Through a video, lasting almost 18 minutes, the influencer ‘Zacatecano Soy’ allowed us to get to know some of the homes that belonged to the group during their stay in the town of Fresnillo.

First house

The first house is located on the emblematic street of 20 de Noviembre, in the downtown area, and draws attention for being two-story, for its orange facade and for its size, as it contrasts with what was his childhood home.

“This is Los Temerarios’ first home here in Fresnillo. When they came from Morelos, it was here that they arrived. Nowadays it is very different from how it was in those years, I think they sold it and remodeled it ”, shared ‘Zacatecano Soy’, who in that property made his incorporation into the group.

“When I joined the group, it was here that I came to ask for a job, since here they had their offices and here they controlled everything,” shared the influencer, while allowing us to contemplate their tile roofs, the wooden garage door and the blacksmith shop. on the windows and on the access door.

Second ownership

Los Temerarios’ second home was located on Revolución Street, in the Periodistas neighborhood. They moved there because their success and fame made their old offices insufficient, so they needed a much larger site.

Although they had great moments there, Adolfo and Gustavo Ángel also went through difficult stages, as they received extortion calls and bomb threats, which caused them to have to reinforce security measures, which included moving the door through which the property was accessed and the construction of a guardhouse.

“After that time, they closed this door, they canceled it completely, you couldn’t enter that way anymore. This booth was not there either. The original design did not include this guardhouse, they built it after those bomb incidents and threats. The glasses are still armored ”, recalled the influencer.

In addition to housing their offices, Los Temerarios also had some peacocks and even foxes there, as well as more than enough space to store their trailers and all their sound equipment.

Third house

The third house, which is located on the same street as its offices, draws attention for its quarry façade, for its tile roofs, for its barbed wire and for being abandoned.

“This is where Gustavo lived as a single person, where Adolfo lived as a single person and, well, what a shame to see that the house is so abandoned. I hope the new owner restores it, but it is very beautiful. I remember her very big and very beautiful. If you have to recognize something from Adolfo and Gustavo, it is that they are in good taste, ”shared Zacatecano Soy, who left Los Temerarios in mid-1996, but had more than enough time to meet their members.

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