This is what the new “free games” for PS4 and PS5 offer

Of course we would like to introduce you to the games in November that Sony is “giving away” to its PlayStation Plus subscribers. This month can be full six (!) new games can be downloaded at no extra cost. In addition to multiplayer fans, this time especially friends of VR experiences get their money’s worth. We’ll tell you here exactly which titles you are looking forward to and what you can expect from them.

First Class Trouble (PS4, PS5)

Playing time: –

“First Class Trouble” has been playable in an Early Access version on the PC for a few months now and the title is now daring to make the leap to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The developers describe their work as a party game with a pronounced social component which is all about deception. You have to work with other players, but at the same time be careful of them.

This is because not all of your fellow players really embody human characters, because some of them control so-called personoids. The latter belong to the runaway artificial intelligence CAIN, your opponent in the title. Their goal is to kill you by diverting the oxygen, which you and your fellow players must of course prevent at all costs.

So multitasking is called for: you have to try to turn off CAIN while at the same time you have to find out who the traitors are in your midst. Various hints that you can find in the randomly generated levels can help you here. If you are a fan of exciting multiplayer games of this kind, the title should be worth more than just a look.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)

Playing time: ~ 20 hours (main story); ~ 80 hours (complete)

One or the other of you may still remember the action role-playing game “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”, which was originally released in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, among others. Last year, THQ Nordic donated a technically subtly revised new edition to the title, which also includes the two DLC expansions.

Even today, the title lives mainly from its open game world with its rich history, which you can read for hours if you want. In addition, the concept around your self-created main character is quite exciting, because you are not bound to any predetermined fate in a fantasy world in which everything is predetermined. On the contrary, because you can change fate and thus play a decisive role in the war that is shattering the kingdoms.

One of the greatest strengths outside of the game’s history is still its combat system. You can attack with different weapons or even use magic to bring your enemies to their knees. Thanks to the massive hit feedback and great playability, this is still great fun today, which is why the game is still worth a look nine years later, especially for all those who should have missed it back then.

Knockout City (PS4, PS5)

Playing time: –

With “Knockout City” another multiplayer title vies for your favor, in which it is not about life and death, but about tough dodgeball battles. Accordingly, the game is of course also about throwing off your opponents with the ball, avoiding the play equipment or at best catching it. You can even curl up and, if necessary, transform yourself into a ball that your teammates can throw.

So the gameplay is simple and many of you might know the basic rules from their school days. The trick is that there are only a few balls on a map for which you and the opposing team vie, which degenerates into sometimes wonderfully chaotic battles. The title is easy to understand in a playful way, but it will take some time until you really get the hang of the throws.

The fun gameplay is supported by a colorful cartoon look and a pleasantly lively soundtrack. Only the map selection should be a bit more extensive and the loading times between matches can sometimes be relatively long. Apart from that, a fun multiplayer sports game awaits you here, which promises a lot of fun, especially in a team with a few friends.

The Persistence (PS4, PS5, PS VR)

Playing time: ~ 12 hours

Meanwhile, if you are in the mood for a neat horror game, “The Persistence” may be worth a closer look, which is available in the “Enhanced” edition. The game originally appeared in stores as a pure VR game, but with the update you can also play the title without the additional hardware. Furthermore, this version of the game has been optimized for the PlayStation 5 and offers, among other things, ray tracing rendering and improved technology. The features of the DualSense controller are also supported.

The developers have not tweaked the story of the title: You are the last survivor on a space station that inevitably turns into a murderous hellhole. The good news here is that after each screen death, you can create a new body for yourself that will get even better over time. For example, you can upgrade their strength or upgrade their camouflage.

The result is a very clever mix of sci-fi horror à la “Dead Space” and the motivating loop of a rogue-like. Although the level of difficulty turns out to be quite demanding, you should have a good chance of being able to complete the campaign and then plunge into hardcore mode. If you like this description, you can expect an exciting adventure that is worth experiencing.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PS VR)

Playing time: ~ 14 hours

A licensed game is also included in the offer this month, more precisely the VR action game “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners”. You take on the role of a character who seems immune to the plague that has turned much of humanity into voracious walkers. Your path has led you to the remains of New Orleans, where you are investigating rumors about an allegedly buried hotbed.

Again and again you are allowed to influence the further course of the story by having to make moral decisions. The nice thing about this is that these choices are rarely only “good” or just “bad”, because it is always up to you how you want to resolve a situation, which has an impact on the end of the story.

But not only the plot of the title knows how to convince, but also the gameplay, which can shine especially in the battles. The more powerful weapons in particular have a comfortable weight. The confrontations with the Walker groups are fun and also captivate with all sorts of chic details. Not only fans of the comic and TV template should take a closer look at this game.

Until You Fall (PS VR)

Playing time: ~ 11 hours

Last but not least, as the saying goes, the fantasy action game “Until You Fall” is also waiting for you, for which you also need PlayStation VR. The title tells a story over the course of its season, but it is hardly worth mentioning. In the role of your main character, a knight, you have to protect an empire.

Instead, the focus of the game is clearly on the gameplay, more precisely on the action-packed close combat. You hold a sword in your dominant hand while you hold a dagger in the other. Equipped in this way, you make your way through the enemy crowds, whereby good timing is important for your attacks and blocks. In addition, you can also dodge, which consumes energy from an extra bar that slowly fills up again. You can also look forward to various Quality of Life functions.

Overall, this is a VR game that particularly shines with its great combat system. The confrontations are relatively challenging on the higher levels of difficulty and feel nice and immersive. If you need new food for your PS VR and are new to this game, you are not doing anything wrong with this.

Will you be playing one of these PlayStation Plus games in November?

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