This was the day that Luis Miguel and “Don Ramón” from El Chavo del 8 shared the stage


Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel.

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In the world of entertainment there are unexpected collaborations, but without a doubt they please the public; proof of this was the one that “Mr Ramon“, The iconic character of” El Chavo del 8 “played by Ramón Valdés, and the famous singer Luis Miguel they toasted viewers. How and when did it happen? Read on to find out.

Everything it happened during the 80’s, when the comedy series directed by and starring Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” was at its peak and the so-called “Sol de México” began his career as a singer in the country.

The 14-year-old at that time, was invited to Televisa to present one of his songs on a television program. However, he was surprised to learn that the segment where new music was presented was enlivened by Chilindrina’s father, “Mr Ramon”.

According to an old video that goes around the internet, both stars joined in a sketch in which they play two pirates, where Don Ramón is the most experienced and teaches various “pirate” techniques to a very young Luis Miguel.

This clip refers to the song “La Chica del Bikini Azul”, considered one of the most emblematic songs of the discography of Luismi. However, it would have been the actor’s iconic scolding of the singer that stole the show: “If you’re not on track, Luis Miguel … I’ll throw you overboard, I said.”

Throughout their collaboration, Ramón Valdés and the interpreter of “La Bikina” live funny situations in which they refer to Chavo del 8, using some phrases from the famous songs.


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