Thousands of US soldiers have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19

American soldiers are vaccinated against COVID-19 at the call of the Department of Defense to immunize.

American soldiers are vaccinated against COVID-19 at the call of the Department of Defense to immunize.

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Hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers have yet to receive a first dose or have not completed their vaccination schedule against COVID-19, although the end of the deadline set by some of the military branches to comply with the immunization is approaching, local media revealed.

The Washington Post, which cited data from the Defense Department, noted that although the immunization rate has increased since August, the response of the troops to the order to be vaccinated has been “scattered.”

Last september, the American president, Joe bidenannounced the mandatory vaccination of all federal government employees. And in August, the Department of Defense he had ordered all his soldiers, both active and reserve, to be vaccinated.

According to the Post, 90% of active Navy personnel are fully vaccinated, with more than a month to go until November 28, the deadline for that branch to complete its immunization.

While in the Marine Corps, which also has November 28 as the deadline, the percentage of vaccinated with a complete scheme is 76.5%.

In the Air Force, whose immunization period expires on November 2, 80.9% of its active personnel are fully vaccinated. This implies, the publication warned, that “more than 60,000 troops have only three weeks to meet the most ambitious deadline for the Department of Defense.”

Among the National Guard troops, 38.5% are immunized, a figure that is similar to that of the Army reserve (40%). Both branches have until June 30, 2022 to complete the vaccination.

The Post noted that the National Guard and Army reserve “comprise approximately 522,000 soldiers,” representing about a quarter of the United States Armed Forces.

The Biden Administration has redoubled efforts to increase the vaccination rate in the country, Given the advance of the delta variant, which has returned infections to unprecedented levels since January and causes more than a thousand deaths every day, practically all of unvaccinated people.

According to the Post, there were more deaths among military personnel attributed to coronavirus infections last September than in all of 2020.

None of the deceased was fully vaccinated, said Major Charlie Dietz, a Pentagon spokesman, quoted by that newspaper.

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