Thursday at Aldi: Nintendo Switch at a bargain price – Amazon goes with it

Aldi Süd is selling a really popular console this week, the Nintendo Switch. Amazon cannot offer that and calls the console for the same price. Is it worth buying?

Nintendo Switch lands at Aldi Süd

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch, you can look forward to it. Aldi Süd takes the console namely at the 11th of November in the program. From this day onwards, the Nintendo console with removable controllers, i.e. not the Lite model, will be sold in stores at a price of 289 euros. Amazon goes for the same price (see Amazon). The delivery time is already very high at 12 days. At Aldi Süd you have to go to the market, at Amazon you can of course order that way and get the console delivered.

The price for the Nintendo Switch at Aldi Süd is very good. The console has already been cheaper, but with the upcoming Christmas business, you can’t expect the price to drop again. Nintendo is threatened with a major bottleneck just in time for the Christmas business. So if you want to have the Nintendo Switch or want to give it away, should strike now and don’t hope that it will be 10 euros cheaper.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you should get this one Video have seen:

Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED?

Many are likely to ask themselves whether the purchase of the old switch is still worthwhile, now that the switch OLED is available. In the end, you have to ask yourself whether you gamble more on TV or rather mobile. Mobile is that OLED display, of course, a dreamwhile the difference in the dock is barely there. Nintendo has hardly upgraded the console technically. So if you like to gamble on the big TV, then the previous generation will do. The availability of the Nintendo Switch OLED is also very poor.

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