Tile update Mate, Pro, Slim and Sticker trackers

Tile has updated its entire line of products with new hardware for the Mate, Pro, Slim and Sticker trackers. All four trackers get sleeker, more modern designs, with improvements in tracking range, size and water resistance.

The regular $24.99 Mate gets its biggest change in years, with a more rounded shape and design and a new black color option (in addition to the standard white).

Range is increased from 200 feet to 250 feet. The volume is now louder when you try to locate it. The water resistance has been upgraded to IP67 rating.

The new Mate also has three years longer battery life, instead of the single year offered on the previous model. This is despite the fact that it comes with a battery that is no longer user replaceable.

The fast $34.99 Slim also gets similar upgrades to the Mate with a new design that matches the company’s other new hardware, an enhanced 250-foot range (from 200 feet), louder sound, and IP67 water resistance. It also preserves its built-in battery that lasts about three years before needing to be replaced.

The Pro also gets a new design for $34.99, which should help distinguish it better from the regular Mate. The new model has a more rectangular appearance that fits the key ring better than the old square shape.

Like the regular Mate, the updated Pro is more water-resistant, with a new IP67 rating (compared to the IP55 rating on the old Pro version that protects it from splashes).

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Tile wants to compete with Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s SmartTag

Some parts of the Pro are still the same as the previous model, it still has the longest range of any company tracker (400 feet), and it retains the replaceable battery (which lasts about a year before you have to replace it).

And there’s the $29.99 Sticker, which is being updated for the first time since its release. The new model has significantly better range (250 feet, compared to 150 feet on the old model), better battery life (three years of non-replaceable battery, compared to two years ago), and louder sound. Like the other new models, the new Sticker also features IP67 water resistance.

Tile is also rolling out a new Lost and Found feature across its Mate, Pro and Slim trackers. New models now feature a QR code on the back, which can be scanned by anyone in the world who finds the tracker. But it may not be a Tile user.

When the lost tracker is found, scanning it will reveal your contact information. This is so you can coordinate the restoration of your stuff. (Feature not available via Sticker due to size limitation in QR code printing).

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