Title Update 3 released for PS4 and PS5

“FIFA 22” received Title Update 3 on the consoles, which included two new mini-games in the football title. Several bugs have also been fixed.

FIFA 22: Title Update 3 released for PS4 and PS5

“FIFA 22” has received a third major update with patch 1.14. The update, dubbed Title Update 3 by the developer, was released for PC and stadiums last week. In the meantime, the provision for consoles followed.

The main new features in this update are two new Volta arcade mini-games. “Bucket Ball” is a team game in which the players have to score as many points as possible by throwing balls into the opponent’s bucket. The team that has the most points when the time runs out wins. Some goals are worth more than others in the bucket ball party game. The individual point values ​​look like this:

  • Goals from outside the zone: 1 point.
  • Goals from inside the zone: 2 points.
  • Goals scored when the timer expires: 2 points.
  • Goals from the moving bonus ring: 3 points.

There was also the “close to the pin” mode, in which each player had to kick the ball as close as possible to the center of a target. Each player has 3 balls per round, and there are a total of 5 rounds in which you can kick the opponent’s ball away with your own.

Fixed several issues

The update also addressed an issue in career mode. Players previously complained about losing progress between game sessions. Although EA has not yet fully resolved the problem, the save pop-up when exiting Career Mode has been updated so that the “Save and Exit” option appears first.

More news about FIFA 22:

Further errors had to give way with the title update. In rare situations, for example, the ball could be played on a free kick without the game going on for both teams. And in some cases the referee mistakenly canceled the advantage and gave an unwanted free kick.

That was by no means all: You can make all further changes to the official changelog which was published on the official EA page for Title Update 3 of “FIFA 22”.

More messages too .

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