To protect against trolls: YouTube hides negative reviews

YouTube is changing its rating system: From now on, dislikes will no longer be publicly displayed. This is to better protect video creators from attacks by trolls. In the background, however, negative reviews are counted as before.

YouTube hides dislikes: more protection for YouTubers

On YouTube, videos can be rated with a thumbs up or down. This basic principle will not change even after the new YouTube announcement. The presentation, in turn, is being redesigned: From now on, YouTube would like the Number of dislikes no longer public viewable under the video. Instead, the number just disappears. The number of positive reviews is still shown (source: YouTube blog).

According to YouTube, the decision was made to take this step in order to just better protect smaller video creators. Trolls and other rather difficult characters have it at least theoretically more difficult to assess the result of their work. They can no longer see whether the raid with negative reviews is successful or not. The agreed “destruction” of YouTubers will be made more difficult, so the hope.

The dislikes themselves are still counted. Get Video Creator further access to exact numbers and can see how many people rate a video positively or negatively. The number of dislikes also remains relevant for YouTube’s algorithms and is used to compile the search results.

in the Video we introduce the YouTube alternative YouTube Vanced:

YouTube without dislikes: assessment becomes more difficult

YouTube expects the change to result in “respectful interaction between viewers and creators”. But it is also clear that the assessment of a video by hidden dislikes becomes more difficult for viewers without malicious intent. From the number of positive reviews alone you can less good inferences Drag across the content of videos.

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