To save the iPhone 13: Apple makes a huge sacrifice

The global chip crisis is now also affecting Apple: In order to be able to maintain production of the new iPhone 13, the US company is taking a drastic step. The victims are the iPad and older iPhones.

From the PlayStation 5 to the electric car: the global chip crisis is currently affecting almost every branch of industry that is reliant on modern semiconductors. Apple has so far been largely spared these problems, as the excellent sales figures in the third quarter of 2021 have recently shown. But that is now changing.

Apple cuts iPad production in half

In the past two months, the electronics company is expected to die Shutting down production of the iPad by 50 percent in order to have enough components in hand for the iPhone 13 (Source: Nikkei Asia). According to industry circles, older iPhones will also be affected by the savings measure.

The iPhone and iPad share many components internallywhich is why Apple can save components for the iPhone by scaling back iPad production. For example, the new iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 have the A15 Bionic processor.

According to Nikkei Asia, Apple is giving preference to the iPhone 13 as the company expects the highest demand for the smartphone in the coming months.

With 200 million units annually, according to market analyst Brady Wang from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone far surpasses the iPad. In addition, iPads are not subject to the strong seasonality that exists with the iPhone.

Soon to be in short supply? The new iPad Mini 6 in Video:

Will Apple manage to meet the demand for the iPhone 13?

It remains to be seen whether Apple can meet the demand for the new iPhone 13 models with this measure. Depending on the model, buyers already have to expect a delivery time of several weeks.

And who about Christmas toying with an iPad shouldn’t take too long with the purchase decision. Otherwise, the presents could fall into the water on Christmas Eve.

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