Top Free Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

Prepare browser Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers. Although many browser makers tend to use the Chromium kernel.

However, what distinguishes Google’s browser is the presence of an add-on store that allows you to fully customize the browser.

Top Free Google Chrome Browser Extensions


One of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, it allows you to customize the browser’s home page to your liking.

You can use it to change the background image as you wish, add a motivational phrase or to-do list.


You can install and activate the extension in your browser to keep away from distracting websites, the extension allows you to limit the time you spend on websites.

You can set the extension to block a website or group of websites automatically after you spend 10 minutes on it each day.

Zoom Scheduler

This extension allows you to easily schedule and control Zoom meetings, by integrating the extension directly into Google Calendar.

You can create and schedule a Zoom meeting with a URL added and automatically email participants when the meeting time approaches.

Weave Highlighter

The extension allows you to highlight text in web pages and PDFs as you normally would with paper books.

You can also comment on highlights and save them to folders, and when you create an account, all your highlights are saved to cloud storage so you don’t lose them.


It is one of the most popular add-ons that are used by bloggers or writers in general, as you can install it in a browser to help you check spelling.

And correct the rules for texts or emails. It helps bloggers write better.


It is known that Google Chrome consumes a lot of memory when you open a lot of tabs, so you can use this extension to reduce memory consumption.

This is done by grouping all your open, unused tabs into one list. You can then choose to reopen them all at once or individually.

uBlock Origin

The extension allows you to maintain your privacy while browsing websites. This is by blocking all kinds of online trackers. The extension uses multiple online repositories to block bots and ads automatically.

Toggl Button

It is one of the most prominent Google Chrome browser extensions that allows time management for teams and individual users. It allows you to track the time you spend on different projects and analyze productivity. Provide regular reports by day, week, month or year and view how long you’ve been on a task.

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