Tourism in Qatar begins to attract international visitors

Carlo Javakhia, general manager of Ritz-Carlton Doha, said Qatar ‘s hospitality industry has rebounded and is now receiving guests from international markets, including Germany and the UK. Javakhia believes that there will be strong demand in different segments of the international market beyond 2022.

“In many countries, we already see that tourism is back with 2019 levels. Doha is getting traction in international markets and we can see that based on bookings, which we are getting since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. We see new bookings from Germany, the UK and from different markets for leisure purposes,” said Javakhia.

“I believe that the international market will be stronger than in 2022. And 2023 will continue with strong demand from different segments, one segment I believe that will be growing is leisure tourism. FIFA 2022 will be a great opportunity to showcase what the country has to offer and there are so many segments that an international traveller can discover in Qatar,” replied Javakhia to a question regarding the future of the hospitality industry.

“This should be a great opportunity when we will have millions of travellers to showcase the country which will have a spillover effect in 2023,” he added.

The luxury hospitality industry saw a huge demand despite COVID-19 and four Grand Amiri suites being completed at Ritz-Carlton Doha. The Ritz-Carlton is a local institution in Qatar.

“Ritz-Carlton, Doha was the first luxury brand in the country. This brand literally grew the generations in the country. I have many irregular guests that they come for 20 consecutive years. They dine here, have family gatherings and celebrate their wedding anniversaries. This hotel is very close to the hearts of locals. There is loyalty, you can see it in repeated clientele and for us, it is a very big responsibility to make sure that we maintain this legacy as a team,” Javakhia added.

Javakhia says that Ritz-Carlton, Doha is a leisure destination as well as a business destination. Javakhia said the hotel is expanding to provide curated menus for outside weddings and conferences.

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